W.O.L.F. Wolves Offered Life and Friendship in Colorado

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Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for all wolves and wolf dogs.

Pride Needs Your Help

When it rains it pours. This time the flood isn't coming from the heavens but from medical bills!

Last week we took our 15 year-old Pride in for an exam when she demonstrated discomfort in her left hind leg. We were expecting an ACL tear or something similar; unfortunately, the hip area was quite compromised and synovial sarcoma was highly suspected. Even if cancer was not confirmed, the leg would never be usable and would become a health hazard if it remained. The difficult decision had to made for Pride's leg to be amputated. She is currently recuperating at our infirmary and doing remarkably well-she's getting around as if she's been on three legs for her entire life!

Cost for Pride's two-hour surgery was $3,000, adding to the numerous medical bills W.O.L.F. has already encountered this year. Our estimate of $20,000 for medical expenses in 2015 is close to being reached, still with several months left. Please help us ensure we can provide the best medical care possible for our wonderful wolf dogs. Any amount helps!

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New Faces at W.O.L.F.

Please welcome the new residents: Zoey, Orion and Jacob.

Orion is our newest resident who came to us from Arizona. He is a sweet old guy with heart problems. Due to his condition, we have no idea how long he will be with us, but we will provide him a safe and friendly home for as long as he has left. Orion is doing great at the sanctuary, eating well, tearing his kibble feeder down and has shown off his skills at rat abatement.

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W.O.L.F. Benefit 2015

THANK YOU Volunteers and Attendees

A heart felt THANK YOU to everyone involved in the 2015 Benefit Mardi Growl Masquerade! It was "Truly Wolf Affair" enjoyed by all!

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