Wolf Sanctuary Rescue in Colorado sanctuary for unwanted wolf dogs hybrid wolf rescue wolf mix rescue

Welcome to W.O.L.F.

Our Mission:

To improve the quality of life for all wolves and wolf dogs.

sanctuary for unwanted wolf dogs hybrid wolf rescue wolf mix rescue

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W.O.L.F Awareness Night With The Nuggets

Denver Nuggets vs. New Orleans Pelicans
Friday, November 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM;

Get discounted tickets AND W.O.L.F. will receive $5 of every ticket purchased only through this link.

Film Featuring W.O.L.F.

Narrated by the great Vanessa Redgrave, this is a film about animal beauty and human compassion. It commences with exquisite animation, as Redgrave begins to tell an ancient Japanese folk tale: it's the story of a crane, wounded in flight by a hunter's arrow and saved by a kindly peasant. As the fable continues to unfold in segments, we meet real heroes who extend their kindness to animals in extraordinary ways. In each chapter, director Linda Hoaglund crafts a picture of desperate need and heroic charity. Sneak Preview.

Film details at www.thewoundandthegift.com and on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Montana Wolves Need Your Help!

In Montana, hunting season on wolves began September 6 and will include trapping in December. That's right, HUNTING and TRAPPING seasons for WILD WOLVES!!! You can help stop the hunting of wolves by signing a petition created by Jay Mallonee from Wolf & Wildlife Studies. Read and sign the Petition here. Caution: Images may not be appropriate for children.

Bio: From post-traumatic stress in a captive wolf to breaching whales in the Bering Sea, Jay Mallonee has studied the behavior of numerous animals including wolves. He has written extensively about them in his scientific publications, magazines, newspapers.

Cuddle Crate Donation to W.O.L.F.

Cuddle Crate is a monthly box of dog goodies that is delivered straight to your Fort Collins home. It generally includes 4-6 items made up of dog treats, toys and assorted items for dog lovers! During the month of October, they will donate 10% of their proceeds to W.O.L.F. See details at the Cuddle Crate website.

W.O.L.F. is not open to the general public. Only volunteers who have confirmed schedules and carpool rides are permitted at the sanctuary. Thank you.

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