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W.O.L.F. regularly receives inquiries from all over the United States and internationally about wolves and wolf dogs in need of a rescue. Unfortunately, the captive bred wolf and wolf dog crisis is enormous and both funding and space are limited. W.O.L.F. can not accept additional animals at this time.

W.O.L.F. currently tries to place animals in need of a home through communication with interested parties on both sides. We also maintain active contacts at other animal rescues and shelters.

The more information we have about the animal, the better the match we can make.

If you are seeking options for surrendering your animal please read the linked questions and answer them in the form of an email to sweidel@wolfsanctuary.net.

Susan has been an active volunteer at W.O.L.F. since 2009 and has devoted her life to supporting and working with animal welfare and rescue organizations. She shares her home with five rescued dogs with varying special needs. Susan's hobbies include classical ballet and gardening. She also uses her free time to teach her dogs a variety of silly tricks!

"When animals bark, howl, purr, whimper, grunt, laugh or squeal, it means something to them, and what they're saying should also mean something to us, for their feelings matter." Mark Bekoff, The Emotional Lives of Animals.

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